Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meet Social Guru Ayoub Ben Rejeb – @BigFx55

Hello dear eToro OpenBook traders.
Today I present to you a very nice and talented social guru I freshly discovered: @BigFx55. This image speaks by itself, right?
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Let’s meet him:
Hello dear, can you tell us your name, country, age and language?
Hello, my name is Ayoub from Tunisia, 25 year old, I speak Arabic, English and French.
How did you discover trading and where did you learn to trade?
I discovered trading 3 years ago while I was surfing the net so I started to make some research about it then I fully dedicated my time to learn it from scratch.
I also asked the help of some experts on forums who helped me to make my trading better.
When did you begin to trade professionally?
Well, hard to say professionally as it’s been only 2 years and compared to other experts it’s nothing in trading so I still have time to reach that level.
Are you a full time trader?
I’m a daily trader, so yes full time trading is my job for now.
Why did you choose eToro?
What attracted me the most to eToro is the big community in OpenBook which made trading more interesting as you can discuss with others and make new friends.
Also their platform is easy to use and there is a lot of helpful tools.
How do you choose your trades:   Indicators, news reading, system, expert advisors, personal judgment?
It depends on the situation, I always follow the news because it gives me the bigger picture of what’s happening thou for my trading setups, I use some   indicators to identify some good entry points and of course I add my personal judgment for the situation.
How do you manage risk when trading?
I always try not to exceed more than 5% of my equity on a single trade which gives me more space to make other trades and I always keep free cash for unexpected situation which often happens in Forex.
You make your own trades and also receive positions from other traders, who are they and why did you choose them? 
I’m copying 4 other Gurus with 30% of my equity as they are amazing traders with different styles ( Daily traders + Swing Traders ) which make my   portfolio diversified and that’s good for trading. As Warren Buffet said  ” Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”
These Gurus are: @rohaann42, @gerdollarman, @robysms61, @anasSleiman
Do you have favorites Currency pairs and why?
My favorites pairs are EUR/USD and USD/EUR. Every trader has a special pair that he feels it’s movement and EUR/USD is mine and what I love about USD/JPY is it’s technical levels which it follows almost all the time.
What do you think about having copiers of your trades on OpenBook?
It’s amazing to have copiers on OpenBook who trust my trading to make profits and I have to admit it’s putting some pressure on me as it’s a new experience I am really enjoying.
If not trading, what would you choose  to do?
I used to be a web-designer & marketer so probably I would continue on that path to open my own agency.
If you have only one wish to be accomplished, what would it be?
For now I only wish that my wife stay safe and healthy because we are having our first baby in 2 months, I can’t wait to hold my baby girl when she’ll come to this world!
Glad to know that! What a wonderful news!
So, dear readers, if you want to discover this young talented trader just visit his wall @Bigfx55and come to say hello on mine. More interviews are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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