Saturday, December 29, 2012

eToro : Daily Equity Prices and Market Overview 28.12.2012

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December 29th, 2:12 am by Samir Bouazza

On Friday, U.S. equities fell for a fifth day amid concerns that the talks between Republican lawmakers and President Barack Obama may not come up with a budget deal by the end of 2012. President Barack Obama and the lawmakers are scheduled to meet today to find a solution regarding the differences on raising taxes on wealthy Americans and spending cuts on welfare programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

European equities dropped ending the last full trading session of 2012 as concerns about the ability of the United States to reach a deal by the end of the year fades, leaving overbought indices vulnerable to profit taking.

The DJ30 closed at 12,938.11 declining 158.20 points (-1.21%), SPX500 closed at 1,402.23 declining 15.67 points (-1.10%) and the NASDAQ100 closed at 2,606.36, declining 26.58 points (-1.01%).

The CAC40 closed at 3,620.25 declining 54.01 points (-1.47%), FTSE100 closed at 5,925.37 declining 28.93 points (-0.49%) and DAX40 closed at 7,612.39 declining 43.49 points (-0.57%).

Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares have declined by over 25% in the past 3 months. The company’s continuous drop was evident today by the news that the mobile software from Google Inc. (GOOG) called Android is used on 75% of phones around the world and is taking designers away from Apple. As Android takes more business from Apple, those designers are being absorbed by the Google Inc. (GOOG) operating system. But when it comes to the question of revenue generation, despite the fact that three quarters of the world’s smart phones run Android, Apple smartphones make up about half of the US smartphone market. Android systems are favored in developing countries because of the competitive prices of devices running Android OS.

Stocks Execution Prices:

Name                         Sell           Buy               Closing Rate      Change %
Apple (AAPL)         512.46      513.52               509.41             -1.10
Google (GOOG)      702.22      703.93               700.01              -0.89
Facebook (FB)        25.97        26.04                 25.91               -0.54
Microsoft (MSFT)   26.71        26.78                  26.55               -1.52
Amazon (AMZN)    246.39      246.95                245.18             -1.26
Yahoo (YHOO)       19.50       19.55                 19.50                -0.51
Zynga (ZNGA)         2.33         2.36                   2.33                  -3.52

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