Sunday, December 9, 2012

AGEA : Stocks higher, Europe mixed, & jobs data impresses

The dow jones held on for modest gains during a volatile trading session on
friday this as investors took in a pair of mixed economic reports and amid
ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations now doing a press conference house speaker

john bainer said that he has no progress to report on the fiscal clip budget
negotiations and added that president barack obama is slow walking walking in
the economy towards the edge of out the fiscal player however stocks for the
most part looking largely shrugged off those comments meanwhile on the economic front of the monthly non-farm payrolls that rose by a surprising one hundred forty six thousand with the unemployment rate falling sharply to seven point seven percent end of the month of november therefore marking its lowest
number since december two thousand eight meanwhile the consumer sentiment and acceptable to seventy four point five from eighty two point seven

and a preliminary reading for the month of december also european shares they
finish narrowly make says gains related on germany's central bank cutting its
growth outlook for the economy next year over the world prices slightly lower the
euro falling along side it i'd have to be quite the active finished with the dow jones
that not only this session but the week as well now speaking of which taking a look
to see how the dow jones has closed out today's trading session the dow is on
the outside eighty one point zero nine points has settled in a thirteen
thousand one hundred fifty five point two thirteen
now in a breakdown of today's major market movers of netflix that rated
higher even after the online movie streaming company disclosed nazi ito in
hastings received awards notice from the s_e_c_ related to a blog post he wrote
on face book in july

meanwhile jeffries announced that it is moving its first quarterly dividend
payment to december multi our ports and accelerator august two thousand thirty
dividend payments into two thousand swale also mc donald's continuing to edge higher after jenny raised its rating on the fast food giant to buy it from neutral and lastly semiconductor al espy
announced that it we'll switch to the nasdaq alexis change from the new york stock exchange affective december nineteenth the companies think assemble well remain unchanged

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