Saturday, July 16, 2011

Investment Project

We are looking for partners or investors who are really serious to invest in the money market where we will act solely as a professional money manager to manage a number of funds that are invested in accounts that have been designated. the target in achieving profit each week is 15-20% or same as 3% per day from the accumulation of all the funds and taking the risk of loss only 30% from the total initial margin.

We did not produce and offering pay site as the signal provider on This Project because our main vision in this project is helping togetherness on managing the investment in safe condition which is dedicated to whom interested on derivatives market but do not have time to learning or doing trade it self

The division of gains in the management fee of Investment Condition is :

$5 - $4.999 Share 35 %
$5000 - $9.999 Share 27%
$10.000 - Unlimited Share 22%
Weekly Target Achievement PA. 15-20% ( 5 working Days Trade ) Weekly Withdrawal Every Saturday
Renewal Investment every Sunday

We expect this to be something interesting for you to make an investment because the system is very flexible in the investment and make periodic withdrawals each week and do a Re-Invest in the next week. You can do the evaluation to increase the amount of your investment from time to time at the beginning of each Monday.

how you can join the program?
Please open an account on the following website address : and select the menu for the trader and then fill in your data correctly according a valid national identity.

after registering correctly, then you will receive an account number and password required to log on the client cabinet to access everything related to your account including the need to make withdrawals or deposits to the account.

To become an investor you simply register your account on the client Cabinet appointed to PAMM SYSTEM section and chose as PAMM Investors. Once done then you just make a deposit according to the method that you want and once the funds have been in the account then you can access the following link : and choose the "Investing" to move your funds to an account manager who has been appointed

What we want in doing this project and if later you feel satisfied with the work that will be achieved in the management of your investments in money market, then you will be happy to spread and invite colleagues or friends to join in this program.

Not only that because you can also registering your account as a partner in this project and you will get rewarded of 10% of every investor that you recommend in this project simply by using the links that you may have later after registering your account as a partner. is this really interesting?

if there are things that have not been understood in this program, please feel free to contact me directly via YM ID : (deryworld), email : or telephone +6221-9300-4800 and We would be very happy to assist you immediately

Program Start
And Always Renewal on every week as the new Event Of Investment
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